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Company Profile

ACTIVATO POWER ELECTRONICSwas founded in 2005 specializing in electronic componentsdistribution business. We adhere to honesty and ethics as our businessphilosophy, and have gradually established an excellent reputation andcredibility in our international and domestic business. With the accuratequotation, excellent credit, reasonable price, reliable quality, timelydelivery, authentic service, we have won the praise of majority of customers.The company is steadfast in its belief that quality is of utmost importancealongside timely delivery and trustworthy warranted and traceable products. 

ACTIVATO POWER isyour one stop shop for all your electronics, electrical and industrialcomponent needs. Has a wide and unobstructed channel forsupply source, and reserves a large number of electronic components inventoryincluding all categories of products as: optical devices, embedded systems,semiconductors, circuit protection components, passive components, connectors,sensors, etc. The products are widely used in many fields of power, network,communication, industrial control, automotive, military, instrument meter,financial equipment, industrial control, computer interface devices, consumerelectronics and others. With an offering of only warranted and traceable components atreasonable prices, ACTIVATO POWER ispath paver for this specific vertical. 

As devout believer in providing unsurpassedservice and a commitment towards delivering topnotch products on time, it isnot surprising that they have clients from across the globe. With a proventrack record of providing innovative and value-for-money services, ACTIVATO POWER is a name to bereckoned with. 

A company such as ACTIVATO POWER is bound to have a strongand competent workforce that utilizes the best of resources to provide qualityservice to customers across the globe. An excellent blend of intelligentteamwork, steadfast commitment to excellence and unwavering leadership hasresulted in exponential growth of the company alongside cultivatinglong-lasting relationships with clients. 

Sourcing products, be it electronics,electrical or industrial is tedious task as a lot of factors like quality,timely delivery etc comes into play. At ACTIVATO POWER, these factors are guaranteed as all products can besourced at your fingertips with ensured quality, prompt delivery time andexcellent customer service. The company believes in providing you with ahassle-free experience with a quick turnabout time and ensured reliability; allthis at some of the country’s most competitive prices.